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  • Build your own personalised portfolio
  • Low cost investing
  • Rebalanced to keep you on track
  • Diversified, liquid and secure
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How it works

Tell us your preferences

You tell us your goals, tolearance for risk and investment horizon.

We build you a portfolio

Based on your preferences we build you a personalized investment portfolio that suits you.

You get peace of mind

Investment portfolios are adjusted to keep you on track, constantly reviewed by financial experts.

Invest your way


Automatically set your bank account to invest your spare change whenever you make purchases from your daily purchases and watch your savings build up in no time.


Set recurring daily, weekly or monthly deposit amounts as a simple and easy way to build up the amount in your COCOA account.

Lump sums

Invest lump sums into your portfolio account whenever you want and use our technology to monitor it whenever and wherever you want.

Smart portfolios

At COCOA we offer five unique funds that clients use to build up their own personalised investment portfolio. Our funds only use Exchange Traded Funds and Index Trackers from some of the worlds largest providers to gain diversified market exposure. The exclusive use of these vehicles allows access to a broad range of asset classes, that are cost effective, transparent and highly liquid. This gives our clients the greatest flexibility to withdraw funds as and when they need while keeping the costs to a minimum. 

The funds all have a unique risk profile and are regularly rebalanced to keep them on track. We do not pick stocks and our funds are not designed to benefit from short term gains, but rather conservatively build wealth over time. 



COCOA takes security of your information and money very serioulsy. No information is ever stored on your phone, and we use bank-level security and data encryption to ensure your information remains safe.


Our appointed Custodian Bank holds your assets in protected accounts as they do for hundreds of investment managers, individuals and governments.


All funds within client accounts are segregated and securely protected against fraud and from the unlikely liquidation of Cocoa Invest or the Custodian Bank.

256- Bit Encryption     Assets protected by the FSA*     Protection against fraud

*FSA Authorisation to be granted before any investment product will be open to the general public. Currently Cocoa Invest will not accept client funds as FSA approval is pending application. 

At COCOA we want to make saving and investing accessible to everyone. We think the best way to do this is to use technology to make it as simple and transparent as possible.

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